Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26th, 2015

So this week was a really awesome one!!! I had the chance to go on a few trade offs this week. On Monday Elder Rammell and the other elder lewis had to go to kingston for a meeting, So I got the chance to hangout with elder groesbeck! He is such a stud missionary. I learned a lot of things from him that can help me in the future. He is at the end of his mission pretty much. he has less than 30 days left. The next day i went on a tradeoff with one of the APs. The one I went with was elder Whitlock, Who is from Nephi, Utah. But I guess to really get into this week it was great. We were supposed to have a baptism, but ended up having to drop the person. We tried really hard to work with her and help her. Its so hard to see someone you have grown to love just turn back. I hope that In the future she can be ready one day. This upcoming week we have a baptism scheduled for another investigator. She just loves the gospel and will be such a great member! Most likely I will be the one to baptize her so that will be really exciting!!! This past sunday was a really good day for us as well. WE had 11 investigators in church! Im pretty sure that is a mission record or something lol. And one more crazy story! When elder whitlock was looking through some of elder rammells pics he came across one. As I looked at it I realized that I was in it! He had attended the same BYU football camp as me and i was in a picture that he took. Thats just how you know the lord has a plan. We had a picture together before either of us were missionaries! I am in the far left in the picture! ill attach it so  you guys can see also! Thats about all that is going on here! Cant wait to talk to you guys next week!

"serving the lord on an island in the sea, through the winds and the waves I hope you're thinking of me!"
Love, Elder Lewis


Monday, January 19, 2015

2 Months Down Today!!!!

Wha'guan everyone!
Oh and btw that word means hello or whats up in patoit. This week was another great week for elder Lewis and elder Rammell! This week in some aspects were still slow however. We only were able to get 3 new investigators this week, but we were able to teach a ton of other lessons this week! We now have about 7 progressing investigators. And all of their baptismal dates are around the corner! There were two people that kinda stood out compared to everyone else that we have been teaching. The first investigators name is anya. She is a year younger than elder rammell and I and we have been meeting with her mom for the past few weeks. One day we came by for her mom, but she wasn't home. And like most missionaries would ask, we asked if we could teach her and she wanted no part of the gospel at first. we were getting ready to ride away and she called us back. The lesson we had with here was just simply amazing. she has so much potential in the gospel and for some reason I just had the thought keep coming to mind that she would be a sister missionary one day. The other was a lady named sister  dorma. She is not a member, but pretty much all of her kids are. We go up to their place quite a bit to visit the two daughters who are kinda less active and every time since I have been in Port Antonio she always just leaves when we come around and doesn't talk to us. We went up there one day and she just tells us that she wants to study and we were like ok haha. The next day we came up and what took place was pretty amazing. she pretty much bore her testimony to us about the gospel and said that she has always known it was true and that she is ready to be baptized! We were so shocked haha so she now has a baptismal date for the 14th of February. we have 4 people on date for that day!!! Thats pretty much all that has been going on this week though. Elder rammell and I have been working out pretty hard lol. I gotta get all that muscle I use to have back again! Yesterday was a really great day for us as well. We had 3 investigators come to church and actually partake of the sacrament and I was the one who closed the door this week. As the sacrament was being prepared I saw them down the road and I was waving at them so hard to hurry up and get in! The made it in just barley lol. Well thats pretty much it for the week haha. Its crazy to think that I have already been out for two months. Just watch before you know it ill be at a year then going home and ill be like where did the time go!

PS: this is to all the readers who have smaller kids in the ward, or the stake or just simply everywhere! Tell them to make sure they are planning on and preparing themselves to serve! This mission has honestly saved my life! I am so thankful for this opportunity to be molded into the man that not only I, but heavenly father wants me to be! It will be well worth it I promise! anyways until next week!

"Serving the lord on an island in the sea, through the winds and the waves I hope you're thinking of me!"

With love, Elder Jon Lewis

Monday, January 12, 2015

Jan 12th, 2015

Wha'guan everyone!

Its another week in the books for your favorite elder! This week was a very interesting one that's for sure! Haha where do i begin lol. This week started off as any normal week lol. on Tuesday the office elders drove down from Kingston and brought me my new bike. Its made by a brand called specialized, and it has a very light aluminum frame. it cost me about $360 US to buy it so needless to say i have been babying it since i got it lol. It has really nice gear shifters on it with some awesome brakes as well and it pretty much feels like im riding in a car cause it is so smooth lol. This week was a really good week for us! we had a goal to pick up 3 new investigators and we ended up getting 6! The work has really picked up around here. We also have 5 investigators on date whose baptisms will be taking place in just a few weeks! On Wednesday we had district meeting and it was pretty great. I even gave a lesson on the importance of asking questions lol. The week we also got into a pretty heated bible bash lol. There was this guy named brother taxter who is a seventh day Adventist. He called us up and said that he wanted to study. When we got to the church to have the lesson I could just tell that this guy didn't come to learn today. We sat down and he told us that he was gonna teach his lesson first and then let us go. Elder rammell and I was respectful to the guy and his beliefs so we listened and didn't say anything. When it came to our turn he kept interrupting us and saying what we taught and believed wasn't true. Elder rammell and i had gotten to the point where we were just proving this guy wrong left from right. We backed him into so many corners, but the church tells us that we shouldn't do that so we just pretty much stopped, but it was exciting for me lol. it was my first official bible bash and we won! The rest of the week was pretty calm for the most part haha. My trainer elder rammell to me to this restaurant called juci patties. I was a bit skeptical of the place but man o man was it delicious! Maybe it only tasted that good because i haven't eaten any fast food in the last two months lol. On sunday we went to a funeral for a member of our branch in port antonio. his name was karl davis. I never got the chance to meet him but we still went. that was the first funeral that i have been to i 10 years, with the last one being my grandmas. They did it at some random funeral home chapel and all of the members family was there. It was the most interesting funeral i have ever been to. people were  singing and dancing a lot lol. I was trying so hard not to bust our and laugh at the people. then the pastor got up and gave a sermon. it was so crazy haha. I have never heard so much false doctrine in my entire life! Afterwards we went to a members house and had a nice meal to wind down the night and this crazy week lol.

Just wanted let all of you guys know that I am thinking about each and every one of you. I love and miss you all. Anyways Ill talk to ya next time!

"serving the Lord on and island in the sea, through the winds and the waves i hope you're thinking of me!"

Elder Lewis