Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16th, 2015

Hello everyone!
I hope all of you guys at home are doing great! This week I have been thinking about home a lot. Dont worry though Im not homesick lol. I was just thinking on how I have had so many great friends and family in my life. I have made so many good friends from sports as well. I just want to let all of you guys know that I am thankful for the influence that you guys have had on me. I always pray for you guys each and every night! So I have some exciting news! These will in fact be my last few weeks here in port antonio. President brown came to church at our branch yesterday and he told me and the other elder lewis that we were moving on. It seems kinda crazy to think that i have been gone for 4 months already. Seems like yesterday I was saying bye to my mom in the savannah airport. But anyways this week was an exciting one! We had a baptism this week and I was able to perform the ordinance as well! You guys werent actually there but we do baptisms in the ocean here! So that was fun haha. Its the closest I will get to swimming for a while haha. it was awesome to be a part of someones conversion to the gosple. We will also be having a baptism next week and the week after as well! Its so nice that the work has finally picked up here again. Other than the baptism not too much went on this week. One thing that I have been doing lately is bike races. the other elder lewis and I have two of the fastest bikes in the town. so we will be riding down the road sometime and people will just challenge us to races. Needless to say all of you guys know how competitive I am so I have to accept it! Other than those things this week has been a pretty normal one! We have one more week doing regular missionary work and then we will be getting ready for zone meeting. Thats gonna be so fun traveling like six hours on buses lol. But I hope all of you guys have had a good week and Ill see yall next week1
"Serving the lord on an Island in the sea, through the winds and the waves I hope youre thinking of me!"
With love,
Elder Jon Lewis
Jamaica, Kingston Mission