Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21st, 2015

Hello my beloved family and friends!

How are all of you doing this week? Wonderful I hope. Id like to start off by saying congratulations to my GSU eagles on their win this week! Keep up the work! #GATA And to my cougars and those blue devils, great effort this week. Just keep working harder and harder and you will be victorious. This week was really interesting for elder boyer and I. We had a lot of running all over the place because of branch work. Our clerk isnt the easiest of people to find, so we biked an hour to his place to get him to sign checks and he was nowhere to be found. He was in the area but he would not answer his phone so elder boyer and I had to ride back to junction to meet with our branch president. I was pretty furious that we had to ride all the way up there for him to hide from us. I told president that next time I will find him and rip his head off lol. All of you guys know I would never really do that lol. This week we have also had the chance to talk to a ton of people. We have some really solid people set up for next week that I feel really good about. We also got transfer calls this week and I found out that I will be staying in junction for another six weeks! it is plenty of time to continue to work with the people who are progressing towards baptism. Something that President brown has been focusing on in the mission is our teaching skills and making sure that the people we teach really understand what is going on. Elder boyer and I have really been trying to make sure we are doing exactly that. We had a really great experience last night. We started teaching this guy named Kingsley. He owns a furniture store here in junction. We started to teach the restoration to him as simply as we could and It was so crazy how strong the presence of the spirit was. At the end of the lesson we asked him if he would pray to know if these things were true and he stops and just says I already believe it is. Elder boyer and I just stopped and looked at each other haha. We had no words for his response. I have never had anyone respond like that to the message in just our first meeting alone. It was sick. He willingly agreed to be baptized by the priesthood authority. We plan to give him a baptismal date by next week. These are the kinds of experiences that really make your day. This week was rough for us in a lot of ways but it was all worth it just for that experience. The thing that has really touched me the most about the gospel is when you see it really making an impact in the lives of others. I am so thankful that I have been able to gain a testimony of my own from my mission. I have been able to grow and change in so many ways because of it. The best part about it is that I still have a year left to grow more lol! This upcoming week we will be getting 5 new missionaries in our district, so there will be 11 of us now! Most likely this will be my last transfer in junction, so I really hope to come away with some recent converts before I move again. I am very thankful for the support that you all give me each and every week. I want all of you to know how much I love you guys. Take care and Ill talk to yall next week!!!

With love,
Elder Jon Lewis

Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14th, 2015

Hello, hello, hello my wonderful family and friends.

 How are all of yall doing today. Probably better than me lol cause its hot as heck out here lol. This week reminded me of home a lot. Elder boyer and I are in the branch presidency as most of you know. Our branch president is blind which means we have to do a lot of the things that he cant lol. The missionaries in this area usually have a car so that they can help president collins out at a moments notice. They were the lucky ones haha cause all we have is the bikes. We spent about two hours in a place called tryall looking for the branch clerk so we can get signatures lol. And notice the name of the area as well cause it is literally a trial to get there lol. its an uphill bike ride for about 45 minutes. But first let me jump back to some events that happened earlier in the week for us. We started off our day by going to the beach last Monday! The name of it is called treasure beach. It was really beautiful. it kinda reminds me of tybee island or Hilton head haha. We found some fish and crabs and all that good stuff you typically find at the beach. There was also this dog that was following us around as we went to different places haha. We actually liked that dog cause it was a clean one lol. We were able to take some sweet pictures, which Ill be sending this week. Its kinda crazy how our area is so beautiful but because we don't have a car we never get to see it lol. On Wednesday we had a pretty sweet district meeting about working with our members lol. Especially the really tough ones lol. There were a lot of new things that the district was able to take away from our meeting. Being the district leader is so fun. I love being able to really help the other missionaries grow and become better. After district meeting we were able to go on a trade off with the zone leaders. I happened to be with elder jernigan for the day. He is a crazy red head from arizona. He has been driving a truck for about the last 8 months in his mission so needless to say he got a good workout lol. This week we had our usual branch meetings and different things and lets just say that if the statesboro ward needs a new clerk when I come back home that I have already been trained on what to do lol. One thing that we have been really focusing on in our area lately is working with our less active members that we have. We were able to have some really great and spiritual lessons with a few of them. One of the guys we saw hadn't been to church since he was 9 and he is now 18 and he told us on Saturday he would come. And he did! he said it was wonderful to be able to feel the spirit again lol. Our investigator errol who was supposed to be getting baptized this upcoming Saturday asked to move his date back a few weeks. He said he really wants to be sure that he is ready. Elder Boyer and I have been working with him very hard and I know he will be ready in the next few weeks. Things are going pretty good for us overall. Just taking things one step a a time. Thats all for this week and yall take care! I look forward to hearing from all of you!

With Love,
Elder Jon Lewis

Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7th, 2015

Hello everyone!

I trust that you all had wonderful and terrific weeks! I would like to congratulate my Cougars on their win even though we lost taysom again..... This week has been by far the craziest most exhausting week on my mission thus far. I would like to start off by saying that I know missionary work can be very hard and laborious,  but for the first time I felt like I had really worked so hard that my body could no longer go lol. So specifically I myself have a lot of responsibilities. This transfer I am training a new missionary as well as the district leader and on top of that I am also the first counselor in the branch presidency lol. This week was stressful with having to run around and do things with the members. Our area use to have a truck but it has since been taken so we have to ride bikes everywhere. All of our members live very far out. The majority of which live at least an hour away on bikes.... So as you could imagine we are in tip top shape lol. I told elder boyer that for the first time since 10th grade I am 205 pounds. We are just always tired and never can seem to get enough sleep haha. On the bright side I have an announcement to make! We will in fact be having a baptism on the 19th of this month!!!! So thats really exciting! Our investigators name is errol. He has been meeting with the missionaries for about 5 months so im excited that we could finally help him take that step of faith towards baptism. Other than that not much else is going on here just taking it one step at a time and trying to work hard and show elder boyer the ropes! Yall take care until next wee!!

With love,
Elder Lewis