Monday, October 12, 2015

Oct. 12th, 2015

Hello my family and friends!
How are you guys doing? Wonderful I hope. This week has been a really great one for elder boyer and I. We ended the week with 9 new investigators with two of them being big families. One area that we have been working very hard on is our street contacting. int the past 3 weeks we have contacted 112 new people. The hard part about it is that when you set up to see a lot of the people things tend to not go as planned haha, but we had a really great unplanned experience happen to us last night. We went to go and visit a family and they weren't home, but we had spoken to the neighbors for a few minutes the last time we had come through. We went over and started to talk with them and they invited us to come in their home. So we are talking with them and getting to know the family and everything then next thing yo know they ask us if we are hungry. I am always hungry so of course I said yes haha. They gave us some jerk chicken with some rice and peas and believe me when I tell you guys it was the bomb. Afterwards we started to share the gospel with them. the lesson was all over the place at first but it ended really well on a spiritual note. This week was also really great because we had 3 investigators show up to church and the other elders had 4. The members were so alive lol. Usually they are all kinda dead on sundays, but having tons of new people really ignited them. The work here in junction is really moving here. Great things are happening in our area and we are seeing the lords helping hand in it all. Over these past few weeks I have noticed just how much more I am able to feel the spirit of the lord in everything we do. We as a companionship have been striving to push ourselves harder and harder each day. It has still been really difficult here but things are moving. I just want to share my testimony that I know that the savior lives and that he can help us through any problem or situation. I know that we have a loving father in heaven who wants all of his children to come home. I know that this is Christ church and heavenly fathers kingdom. Before my mission I could not honestly say that I knew these things, but with a surety I can say I know now. I love each and every one of you back home with all of my heart and I cant wait to hear from you all next week!

With love,
Elder Jon Lewis


Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5th, 2015

Hello everyone!

How are  you all doing today? Good I hope! this week has been interesting haha. Well I'd like to start off by saying that general conference was wonderful! I am so thankful for church leaders who know how to exactly help us with their words in any situation that we may be in. This week was pretty busy. The highlight of the week other than conference was zone meeting. It was the best one that i have attended in the last 6 months. It was really uplifting and inspiring. As of lately the work in jamaica hasn't been as successful as in recent past times. As a mission we have been rallying together to find out what we can do to change it. One of our zone leaders named elder jernigan delivered a powerful sermon to the zone. It kinda felt like i was listening to coach tucker or coach p at halftime again haha. I have in a very personal way learned that If we have faith and we exercise it things will in deed be just fine. So that is my challenge to all of you this week. Look for a way you can build and exercise your faith more this week and I promise the lord will aid you and guide you no matter where it is that you are going. I love each and every one of you. Take care and see ya next week!

Elder Jon Lewis