Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hello my family and friends! I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas this past week! It was a really trying and also a great week for us here. So first things first. We got transfer calls this week and I found out that I will be training a brand new missionary for the second time! Im super excited for it lol. I really enjoyed training elder Boyer when I was in Junction. This week we also had our zone Christmas party at the mission home with president and sister Pearson. We played games, sang songs and most importantly we ate food lol. Not just any food though, It was like legit homemade American food. It was so good lol. At the end of the party we also got our Christmas gifts. I got a huge present from home, shout out to mom for that one, and we got a present from the mission. Overall it was a really fun week for the most part. The work here this past week was kinda difficult lol. Jamaicans are very interesting people. They take their holidays very seriously so we only had like 3 appointments. This upcoming week will be really good though. Really the biggest thing that has been on my mind lately is just making sure I am prepared to help this new missionary to get a great start on his mission. It is a duty that I really take seriously. I look back at how my trainer, Elder Rammell, had such a profound impact on me and how I do missionary work and I want the same for my new son lol. Its kinda crazy also to know that this was my last Christmas as a missionary and that Ill be home for the rest of them haha. anyways I just hope that you all had and are still having a wonderful holiday season! I love you all and I cant wait to see  you in the near future! Likkle more!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Hello family and friends! This week was a pretty quiet normal one for us here in Spanishtown. On Monday we played a really fun game of soccer as a zone. We only have elders in our zone here so it was pretty competitive lol. We played two games, but both of my teams lost. On wednesday we had to go to the clinic near the spanishtown hospital so I could get my stitches out. Believe me when I say that it was the sketchiest place ever lol. They were using these pincher scissor things and a razor blade to get them out lol. I thought I was gonna get my eye cut again lol. We went to zone meeting afterwards and as I was going to the bathroom on our break I noticed in the mirror that there were bits of stitches still in my eye lol. Luckily I could just pull those out. Nothing too crazy really happened for the week. We had the ward Christmas party which was way awesome. We had so many people come out. I got to work the drink section so it was fun and really busy lol. So I have this deal with my companion elder Evans. He is not a very big fan of Alex Boye, but I am. We both like to play chess in our free time that we have at dinner and lunch. He is the one who taught me how to play chess. I cut a deal with him that If I can beat him 5 times in a row he would have to go to an Alex boye concert with me. So far I am at 3 so pray for me that I can pull it off everybody! The work has been really picking up in our area though. We got two new investigators this week that we are excited to work with. I just want to end this post by wishing you all a very merry Christmas. Remember who is the real reason for the celebration though. I love you all and take care!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Hello family and friends! This week was very hectic and crazy. I want to really start off on last monday after we finished emailing and stuff. We have 8 elders in our district so we always usually play soccer together. We were playing last week and all of a sudden I got hit really hard in the head by elder evans' elbow. It hurt so so bad lol. I just kinda put my shirt over my face until the pain went away. When I went to open my eyes there was blood everywhere. I then was directed to go to Spanishtown hospital where we waited for basically six hours... After I got all stitched up we finally made it home at about 10:45pm. The next day was my birthday as you all know. Since I was recovereing from an injury I was told I had to stay in all day. So yeah i spent my birthday inside reading the scriptures and playing chess lol. As the week went on we had a few other bright spots. We were able to pick up three new investigators who we are really excited about seeing. All this hard work in finding is really paying off even though we have been baking in the sun lol. This weekend was pretty eventful as well. I was able to go and attend brother Millers wedding and it was so awesome lol. It kinda makes me excited for when I get married lol. This week was also stake conference and there was a ton of people there. There were so many people that all of the missionaries got banished to another room to make seats for the members. This week just flew by so fast and was pretty awesome even though I had to go the the sketchy hospital lol. I hope you all have a wonderful week! love you all and take care!!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Yo wha gwan everybody! I hope that the week was very eventful for each and every one of you. This week over here in my neck of the woods not too much at all really happened haha. Basically all we did this week was contacting. We contacted over a hundred people again, but didn't really find anyone too interested in our message. Thats just the way it goes sometimes though! I know that we will find someone really solid soon though. I just feel it. I firmly believe that there are so many people here who are thirsty for the message of the gospel. Its only a matter of time lol. This week I just made a lot of personal observations that I really want to try hard to apply in my life as I get ready to make the transitions to "normal life" again lol. I was privileged to teach a segment in district meeting this week. It was really focused on the aspect of faith. I talked about how missions are designed to be challenging and tough for us. The same goes for life in general as well. As a missionary we have to rely on the lord for every phase of the work. We have to pray and ask for his guidance so we may be able to have the desired outcome we seek. We have to be humble and willing to follow his guidance and council as well. The important part of this whole missionary experience that I think is the most important is to rely on god for all. I know that as we have frequent conversations with him and seek to do the things that please him he will bless us. He knows our hearts desires and if they are good he wants to help us with them. I have personally felt God helping me in many aspects of my life and as I have sought to align my will more with his I have only seen blessings. I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week! Take care!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hello my family and friends! I hope that you all had a wonderful thanksgiving! They don't celebrate the holiday here in Jamaica but it was still great! This week a lot of things happened but I just really want to share with you all a very special experience I had this week which has been about two years in the making. My second area in the mission was a place called MayPen. I have to say that besides Nassau it is probably my favorite area. I just loved everything about the place. I was only there for three months, and while I was there we taught this older guy named Winston. He was on track to be baptized, but then suddenly I was emergency transferred to an area called Junction. I wasn't all too sure what happened to him or how it turned out. So to kinda fast forward now. I was laying in my bed during lunch one day and Winston just popped up in my mind. I didn't recognize it as the spirit at first but I know that I was definitely prompted. I called the elders in my old area, one of them I am really good friends with, and told them to go and teach Winston. I told them where he lived and that If they found him he would be baptized most likely. So about three weeks later they found him and this past week I received a call that he was going to be baptized! As you could imaging I was really excited lol. I called and got permission to attend the baptism which was about an hour away. I was told that I would be speaking on baptism at the baptism. When I called the day before some reason they had me down to speak on the Holy Ghost. It turned out to be very fitting for everything that happened lol. It was so cool just to be able to ride the bus around in my old area and seeing familiar places again lol. Long story short I walked upstairs to the chapel and they were sitting on the front row. I then went up and tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Winston do you remember me?" You should have seen the look of disbelief on his face. I told him the story that I am telling you all and he stopped and said, "you are responsible for this?" He was so happy and I just gave him the biggest hug. It was so great to see him be baptized. I haven't cried in a while but I was pretty darn close there lol. This is just a great lesson that following the spirit always brings happiness and joy. I hope that you all have had a wonderful week as well. I love you all and I look forward to talking next week! Take care!
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Monday, November 21, 2016

Hello my family and friends! I hope that you all had a really great week. Not a lot really happened here this week, but it was somehow still really interesting. Well this week we were only able to teach 5 lessons which sucked lol. On the bright side we had tons of time to contact people in our area. We usually contact about 40-50 people a week, but this week we had 139. We had the opportunity to meet a lot of cool people who we should pick up as investigators in the coming days. This week we had the chance to have a meeting with Bishop Lawton here to discuss our boundaries. We lost a set of missionaries in our area so the boundaries needed to shift. It honestly felt like a turf war lol. They were unwilling to give us anything. They tried to give us a part that is way up north in their area which would have been fine with me. The only thing wrong with that was there is a huge river in the way and it would take us forever and a day to bike around it lol. Eventually we got it all resolved and we are all happy lol. On a really good note, brother miller, who I mention a lot in my letters is going to the temple for the first time this week! I am so so so excited for him. He is one of the most faithful members that I know here and he is so Christ like. Well not much else really happend lol. Next week should be really jam packed! Oh! And I kinda almost forgot that thanksgiving is next week lol. I wish you all a good one back home. Eat lots of turcky and pie for me lol. I love you all and I cant wait to fill you in on my adventurs for next week lol

Monday, November 14, 2016

Hello family and friends! I hope that things are going well with everyone back home! This week was kinda interesting lol. We had a lot of people filling us in on the election and all the commotion taking place around the country. This week has been filled with a lot of break through moments for me personally. Something that I have personally really been working hard to improve on is making my personal pray more personal with heavenly father. This week we also got transfer calls and to my surprise elder evans and I are staying the same. So we get another 6 weeks together. Hopefully we can have a lot of success. We have been continuing to go out and search for more people each and everyday. I just ask all of you to continue to pray for us that we may have success. Thats pretty much it for this week but yall take care!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Hello everyone! this week was a pretty normal week haha. Not too much went on here. We had a really fun FHE at the millers house this past Monday. He taught a lesson about he importance of having love for others. Afterwards we played presidents or as some people know it as scum. I was able to pull of a few wins but that s about it ahah. I just love how competitive the people of this country are. I fit in really well here because I am the same way lol. On Wednesday we had zone meeting and it was a really good one. We really focused on being unified as a mission. We have a goal set in the mission for baptisms this year that is going to take a lot of work. I know we will be able to pull it off if everyone participates! This week it hasn't been as rainy as past ones so we have been burning up lol. It makes no sense for it to be this hot this late in the year lol. I cant complain though. I didn't want to serve in a cold weather mission and my wish was granted lol. We are still going out and challenging people to baptism everyday trying to find those who are ready to be baptized! We challenged 56 people this week, but we are gonna shoot for about 100 for this coming week. I just continue to pray that all of you can be doing well, and that the lord can watch over and protect you all. I miss you all so much and I cant wait to see you all soon! Take care everyone and remember, We are all children of god.

Bless up,

Elder Lewis

Monday, October 31, 2016

Hello everyone! This week has been super crazy lol. Ill start of with what happened on tuesday. We were going to see our investigator hillary, and her dad was not there. We then proceeded to go and remind him of our lesson. When we were traveling some kid challenged me to a bike race. I never turn those down. Long story short I was in the lead and won, but a few seconds later I found myself hitting a speed bump and flying in the air. My shirt got all ripped up and my arm was bleeding a lot, but its okay because I still won lol. This week we also met a really cool guy named Brian. We were just riding by and he called out to us and wanted us to hop in his basketball game. Elder Evans and I dominated of course, but he was really cool. As we were playing I find out that he lived in the states for a long time in Stone Mountain, Georgia. After we finished playing he invited us over for some drinks. He gave us some soda and we invited him to church. He came on sunday and loved it! We are excited to teach him in this upcoming week. This week has also been a little frustrating. Our schedule keeps getting interrupted because we have been having to go in early because of gang wars. Hopefully they chill out with that so we can get back to work! I hope that you all have a wonderful week! Take good care of yourselves and know that I love you all!


Monday, October 24, 2016

Hello everyone! This week was a really good week for my companion and I! We actually got some meal appointments this week which is nice for a change lol. It really makes me miss Nassau. We got fed all the time there. So this week we have been working with this lady named abby. She is way chill. She is brother Millers niece. She Is ready to be baptized in a few weeks. She was taught about a year ago by some other missionaries, but stopped coming to church. Since we have been visiting her we have come to find out that she has a testimony of the book of Mormon and the church! So be looking out for pictures soon! So we have a new missionary in our district named elder hatch. He is way chill. I was talking to him and I told him that I can rap and write music. Two days later I get a call from him. He wants to challenge me to a rap battle lol. I dont think he knows what he has gotten himself into. Im gonna destroy him lol. But this week was awesome! I just pray that things continue to go well for us here in spanish town. I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Hello family and friends. This week or last 10 days I should say have been so crazy. I just want to start off by saying that everyone effected by this storm has been in my prayers and I encourage you all to keep praying for them. I am so thankful noting happened to us here though. We were on lock down for three days and couldn't leave our house so that really sucked lol. When we were able to leave we were able to catch the sessions of conference that we missed. Two of my favorite talks from conference were from President Uchtdorf and Elder Cornish, our former area president in the Caribbean. So from this past week I will share with you a few events that happened. Try not to laugh too hard cause they're hilarious lol. I talked about this investigator that we had named odane a few weeks ago. Hes kinda out there lol but wants to learn. We were teaching him a lesson and he just starts dancing in the middle of it and going crazy . We just looked at each other and was like okay. We kept teaching him and he liked it so much he started going crazy again. the good thing about it is that we are actually making a lot of progress with him. On a side not be sure to always watch out for leprechauns and never trust them. We were talking to a member in our area and this guy comes up to us. He starts talking about my shoes and that led to leprechauns some how. He said that if you get too close to them they will poke your eyes out with their pipes and stomp on you with their spiky feet! We were dying laughing lol. So to conclude his sermon on leprechauns he told us if they ever ask you if you have seen a pot of gold you should run. Also if you come to Jamaica be careful where you go. Nobody really bothers us here but still be careful. Elder Evans and I were talking to a group of poeple and all of a sudden these ladies come up. They were asking us weird questions and next thing you know we were corned. There was one lady inparticualr who was really aggressive lol. Long story short we dipped out of there and never looked back haha. Those chicks were scary and had bad intentions for us lol.  So yeah a lot of tings a guan this week. I hope all of you are safe where ever you may be. I love you all and take care!

Elder Lewis

Monday, September 26, 2016

Yo yo yo! How are things going where ever you may be everybody!? I hope things are great. Ill start off by saying that this week was a pretty tiring one. Elder Evans and I were able to get a lot of things done this week in our area. I know that my Georgia Southern Eagles lost but its okay. As long as we don't lose any conference games haha. We were able to pick up a few new investigators this week. One of them is an 11 year old girl named Hillary. She is the daughter of one of my favorite members here, brother Miller. She just moved from her mothers house to his and she is pretty cool. She is a really feisty person, but loves it when elder Evans and I come over to teach her with her father. We also have been teaching this guy who turned out to be really crazy lol. His name is O'dane. We have been helping him to read and stuff but this week he just turned really creepy haha. He just randomly pops up at the church sometimes and waits for us. He isn't really interested in us teaching him, but he wants us to come join his church lol. He is very persistent too! He would make a really good missionary if we could convert him lol. This week was also a lot of fun. Today we had a combined zone pday and it was pretty darn awesome! We played capture the flag at this old abandoned fort in Kingston. It was hot as heck out there and there was a bunch of loose gravel so we were all slipping lol but it was really fun. This week we have transfer calls coming up! Im really excited because Im pretty sure that I will be training a new missionary. I just guess we will have to wait and see lol. I hope you all have a great week and take care!!

With love,
Elder Lewis

Monday, September 19, 2016

Hello to all of my family and friends!!! This week was a way better week for Elder Evans and I than last week was. I'd like to start off by once again congratulating my Georgia Southern Eagles on another win! Keep tearing it up out there guys! This week we were able to pick up three new investigators. Its about time lol. We have been contacting people like crazy and have not been having much success, but this past week really paid off. I think that the highlight of my week  was that I went on a trade off with our district leader elder Porter. He came in the same group as the missionary I trained, Elder Boyer. He is a very very humble individual. Over these past few weeks we have grown pretty close together even though he is not my companion lol. We had a lot of fun during our day together. We met a lot of cool and crazy people lol. Another highlight of the week is when Elder Evans and I came home for lunch on Thursday. I always like to mess with him and poke fun so I told him I was going to take a nap and I needed him to tuck me in. I laughed about it for a second and then he actually came in and grabbed the blanket and tucked me in haha. Elder Evans Is hilarious to be around and I know as we work together and see success things will be better! I hope that you all will have a great week! Take care and be safe!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hello and good day everyone! I hope that you all enjoyed your holiday last week! I want to start off by congradulating my Georgia Southern Eagles for another win this week! #Hailsouthern!  I also heard the news about BYU on Sunday morning. To all of you Utah fans. You got lucky again. We will get you next year. This week has really been something else lol. Most of the week I felt like I was playing tug of war with elder Evans. As I mentioned last week he has kinda been struggling. There are days where he has had no motivation to work at all. It has been really frustrating for me at times to be with him. He is a wonderful person though. We had most of our appointments fall through on Thursday. When stuff like that happens its never fun lol. We got to talking about the work and we finally figured it out. I had been praying that whole week as to what to do to be able to help him with his situation. I felt like I just needed to stop trying to make him do things and be an example. As we were talking that day he said to me I dont want to argue anymore. Just do some work and it should help. So I shut up and went to work. Ever since that day things have been going really well. We talked to a lot of people this past week who we are excited about. I know that as we keep working we will have much success. The lesson that I learned from this experience is that our examples that we set for people is much more powerful than our words can ever be. It is through things like that, that we can motivate others to make a change for good! I love you all so dearly and cant wait to hear from you next week!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Hello my wonderful friends and family! How are each of you doing? I hope that you are all doing wonderful today. This week proved to be exciting and equally challenging for Elder Evans and I here in Spanish Town. This week we spent majority of the week just street contacting. As missionaries you typically don't like to do that lol, but it is totally necessary. Sometimes it can become really discouraging as well. This week we had our zone conference and in attendance was the area president, Elder Walter F. Gonzalez. I  like elder Gonzalez lol. He was hilarious. I walked away with a lot of good things from that meeting. One thing that he encouraged us to do was to develop what he calls the Christ-like attribute of boldness. He gave really good reasons for it and challenged us to do all that we can to help the people here. I must say I felt very motivated to go out and try harder each and every day. This week was also interesting in other ways as well. My companion has kinda been struggling recently on being motivated in the work. When we have good days teaching its been really great, but on days when things kinda fall through not so much. Sometimes its kinda hard when things are like that. I am generally always happy and emphatic, but a few times this week I have found myself losing patience a little. The only thing that I know can help is seeking the lord in prayer as to what I can do. I know that as I seek his guidance that things will work out. I in turn also encourage each of you to spend time on your knees in prayer to our heavenly father. In whatever decision you have to make or what ever problem is going on seek him and he will guide you. I love you all and have a wonderful week!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Hey everybody!!! This week has most certainly been a crazy and exciting one for Elder Evans and myself. On Tuesday Elder Stever finally left our house and went to ochi haha. And I say finally because I was sleeping on a 3 inch foam pad on the floor lol. That didn't feel to good! Elder Evans and I have been pretty busy this past week. As you know I have just arrived to this area and there aren't a whole lot of people to teach. We have been talking to everybody we come into contact with. Its kinda  interesting being back in Jamaica again. I have really missed the people here. We have had a lot of great spiritual conversations this week as well as a lot of crazy ones haha. Just last night we were walking down the street and we saw this man. I said hello to him but he didnt respond. As we walked by he mumbled that he didnt like us. I was just curious and asked him why. He just told us that he hopes Isis comes to Jamaica and messes us up. I just said, "alright man take care and god speed." He was holding a really big machete by the way lol. We also had an experience as we were traveling here to the library. We were riding and some one was calling out to us. They kept shouting elders! We rode over there and It was one of the less active members of the ward. She told us she was in a lot of pain and wanted a blessing. We didnt have any place to give it behind closed doors... She did not care at all. She just told us to follow here and she took us into a random persons yard. Elder Evans and I were like uhh this is sketchy lol. She found a chair and told us to give her one. She was so thankful of it and bore her testimony that she knew the church was true and that god would help her. Although she is less active I really admire the faith she showed. She knew the power of the holy priesthood and that really stood out to me. I just hope that you all can remember how powerful it is. How it has been restored to help us all to come closer to our heavenly father. I love you all so much and I cant wait to hear from you all again next week! Take care yall!

With love,

Elder Lewis

Monday, August 22, 2016

Hello everyone! I hope that you are all ready for the crazy week I will tell you about. Well as most of you know I got emergency transferred to Free port, Bahamas. It was really different being there lol. It just seems that lately there have been so many surprises popping up in the mission lol. Well elder Dawson and I got a call Friday telling us that we need to pack our bags... Yep they flew us back to Nassau! Afterwards they told me that I was going back to Jamaica the next day! So yeah Im back in Jamaica now lol and I am serving in the Spanish town ward. My new companion is Elder Evans. Hes from west jordan, Utah. He seems really cool. his personality reminds me of elder martin a lot, so I feel that we will work along great! It was so good to be reunited with my bike again! I have missed it so much lol. So from the few days that I have been here I feel like I will like this area a lot. It reminds me a lot of my second area, May Pen. Im just so happy to be back in Jamaica though. The mosquitoes are eating me alive and its hot as heck, but I dont mind at all. Oh and on a sad note. I accidentally left my camera in free port so I wont have my own personal camera for a few weeks. Ill have to wait for president Pearson to bring it back for me in about a month. Ill still use my companions though. Other than that things have been pretty great so far! I just ask all of you to keep us, the missionaries, in your prayers daily. We need them and we can really feel the love and support from back home! I love you all and take care!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Hello everyone out there! I'm happy to be able to report another week of hard work to you all from Bahamaland! As I talked about a little last week. Elder Dawson and I got emergency transferred together to another Island here in the Bahamas. We have been in a Add to dictionary for about the last week with a missionary named elder Gardner. Elder Gardner is way cool, but unfortunately for him it is his last week. We actually have to get up pretty early tomorrow to drive him to the airport. This week has been kinda crazy haha. To start off we have a car here in Freeport, so that's always good lol. We also have central air conditioning in our house with three couches!!! It does not get much better than that people. We have spent most of this week just riding around and getting to know the members basically. A few months ago I talked about how it was really hard to learn the roads of Nassau. Well I can tell you this right now that it will take probably longer to learn the roads here lol. We were lucky enough to have a week with elder Gardner, but he will soon be gone so this next week we will probably get lost a whole lot. This place is also really quiet lol. There are about 60 thousand people here in grand Bahama and there are over 300 thousand in Nassau. Also this island is like four times the size of Nassau. We have been doing a lot of door knocking which I kind of don't like lol. We never had to do any in Nassau or in Jamaica. So yeah it has been a really good growing experience. Nothing too much happened this week though. I really like the branch president here in Freeport. His name is president brown he's way cool. He's was born in Acworth, Georgia but grew up in Utah. He lived in Georgia in the Augusta area recently too. He works for some big agriculture company, but their family is way cool! We get transfer calls this week so who knows I may be on the move again soon! That's really all for this week, but next week will be much more exciting. I promise! yall take care now!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Well hello family and friends! This week has truly been full of surprises! This weeks letter wont be very long and I will explain why. On Friday Elder Dawson and I received a call that we would be moved from Nassau and Sent to Free port, Bahamas We are actually getting ready to leave in a few hours. They have been having visa problems with trying to get other missionaries there. We are the only two who can move so we are being emergency transferred. It kinda sucks haha. Its my second ET but at least this time I had a few days in advance to prepare for it. We have spent the majority of the end of this past week packing and saying goodbye to all of the wonderful people here on this Island. Im not sure how long I will be there. I dont think It would be for long. We had interviews with president Pearson this week and he told me that he had a very special assignment waiting for me in Jamaica for when I got back. He said that it was something that was right up my alley lol. Im kinda excited to see whats in store! That's pretty much all I have time for this week! I promise to give yall a better letter next week!!! Love you all and take care!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hello everybody! this week was very exciting for elder Dawson and I. First and foremost we had a baptism this week! Jasper had a heck of a time at his service! It was so awesome to see someone who you have been working so hard with make the decision to get baptized! While preparing for jaspers baptism we invited a few of our investigators to come to his service. One of them was germany. She was supposed to be baptised about a month ago. When we told her about it she had like a serious look on her face and she says to us, " Next week Sunday I want to get baptized." Elder Dawson and I looked at each other like what?! So yeah we will be having another baptism this week. Upon further news still no car yet. Hopefully we can get repairs started this week. It has been really interesting taking the bus these last few weeks haha. We have seen some of the most funniest things. Yesterday we were on the way to teach a lesson at a members house and our bus driver was insane! He was hoping into every lane trying to overtake people. We sat all the way in the back of the bus. He hit a pot hole so hard that it popped us about a foot in the air. Elder Dawson was sleeping at the time so it was a pleasant surprise for him. We have really seen how the lord has blessed us for our willingness to work even though we do not have a car. We have met a lot of people we are excited to begin teaching in this coming week. I just continue to pray that all of you are having fun and being safe wherever you are. Always remember that we have a loving father in heaven who cares so much for us his children! Yall take care and see you next week!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Well, well, well. Another Monday in the Bahamas has come. This week was especially wild for elder Dawson and I. This week started off really well. I told you all bout the pizza bag I found about a month ago. We showed up at one of the members house here for fhe and she has a bunch of rowdy kids. I get out of the car with the bag and they are all looking and whispering with smiles haha. Little did they know that I only had my scriptures and my books in the bag but they thought I had pizza. I sat it down and pulled out my books and the looks they had on their faces was so funny. So our top investigator named jasper will be baptized this coming Sunday! He is so excited. Monday evening we went for a lesson and I noticed he was drinking something. I asked what it was cause it looked like juice or something and he said oh its coffee. I turn to the member I was with and was like we have something in our care for you. Of course I came back with a word of wisdom pamphlet lol. We were teaching him and he understood very well. Right before we ended the lesson he gets up and goes to the kitchen and brings back his container with the coffee and  says, "take it I dont need it anymore!" He is such a boss. He asked us for more pamphlets and he is handing them out to everyone he knows! Now this week was also challenging. Elder Dawson and I have been walking since Thursday because we got into a car accident. So yeah proselyting on foot in a car area isnt very fun at all. We are making it work though lol. Things have been really good for us here. our other two investigators who should have been baptized last transfer are making progress and getting closer. I just continue to ask each and every one of yall back home to keep us in your prayers. That we may be able to help may souls come unto the savior Jesus Christ here in the Bahamas. I also saw one of my friends from BYUI at church yesterday. His name is louvence and hes from Haiti. I walked in to our meeting and was like hey I know you! And he was like I have been wondering where you have been! I haven't seen you on campus for a while! I was like yeah ive been on a mission haha. He had just been married like two days before and they are on a cruise for the honeymoon. Anyways It was good to hear from all who sent me emials. I love you all and cant wait to hear from yall again next week! take care!!

Monday, July 18, 2016

hello everyone! I hope that you all are having a wonderful week wherever you are in the world. This week proved to be quite the roller coaster ride for elder Dawson and I. The investigator that I wrote about last week, Lourdes, we went and talked to her husband on Wednesday morning. I went and got a haircut from him and had a pretty good conversation with him. We talked to him about teaching his wife and he told us that he didn't have a problem with it at all. After we left turned into a different story. He changed his mind, so currently at the moment we are unable to teach her, but she still has a great desire to be baptized. We plan to work closely with her best friend Monica, Who is a member, to keep her feeling the spirit. We have continued to teach another investigator named jasper whose baptismal date in on the 31st. Id like to point out how much of a beast jasper is. We were in the middle of teaching him a lesson and he gets a phone call from someone. After he hangs up he looks at us and asks if we have any more pamphlets. We were like uh yeah and he takes the one from elder dawsons hand and runs out the door. We decided to go see what he was doing. One of his friends came around to borrow some money from him, and jasper tells him here take this. This will get you a lot more in life than money will. The guy kinda laughs and Jasper was like im serious man! If I come to your house I better not see this in the trash either! It was so awesome to witness something like that. Other than that nothing much too crazy happened this week. We had our meet and greet with the new mission president this week over Skype. President Pearson is a really cool man. Im am very excited to be working with him and his wife again. I just ask you all to keep us in your prayers. Pray that we can continue to have success in the work here in  Nassau. Remember that I love and miss you all and y'all have a great week!

Elder Jon Lewis

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hello to all of you beautiful people back home in the land I love! I hope that you all had a wonderful week like me! Well to start off we received transfer calls this week and elder Dawson and I are staying the same! Im actually really happy about it as well cause we are just tearing it up here. He is also officially the longest companion that I have had on my mission. This week has been pretty good for the most part. Our top investigator Lourdes is supposed to be baptized this coming week and she is ready for it. The only problem is her husband... Apparently he doesn't like the church. He must have heard some false rumors from people or something. This past Sunday he wouldn't let her come to church. Its also really confusing because he has come around for almost all of the lessons that we have taught her and has never said anything to us that he doesn't like the church. We have been trying to set up appointments to talk with him but we have not been successful, so everyone keep praying that her husbands heart softens so that she can get baptized! Our car has also been giving us a little trouble these last few weeks, so we have to bring it in to the shop to get it taken care of this week so we can be productive! Yesterday we had a barbecue for the branch and so many people showed up! There were over 150 people at the activity which is more than usual sacrament attendance. A lot of the young men played basketball and all of us elders did too. We never lost a game that we played at that activity. The work here has just been on fire. Hopefully we can have some baptisms here in a few weeks. we have about 6 investigators who are ready to be baptized, but there are just some small stumbling blocks in their way. They will be baptized! Please pray for them guys. Thats pretty much all for this week. Yall take care and Ill talk to you next week!