Monday, June 27, 2016

Hey everyone! How are all of you doing!? This week was one of the best ones since I have been back! We started off last pday afternoon by going to Atlantis! Atlantis is a really big hotel resort here in Nassau! The first thing that we did was check out all of the aquariums. They had so many different types of fish there it was crazy. It is truly a beautiful place. I think I was most impressed by all of the architectural work that was there. It was also a little weird to walk around in our proselyting clothes when everybody except us is dressed for the water lol. We really stood out as you would expect haha. A lot of people actually thought we worked there and they would ask us all sorts of questions about the resort. I just went along with it lol. We also had some really neat experiences with our investigators this week. One of our investigators, Germani, is set to be baptized this coming Sunday! She knows the gospel really well and is excited. She is also getting a little nervous as well. She realizes how big this decision is, but I know that she will feel ready for it! We are also teaching a lady named lourdis. She is just amazing. Its kinda funny how we met her lol. We were leaving an appointment she was listening to music in her headphones and I could hear it so i started to dance and she started laughing. We went over and talked to her and the next day started to teach her. We have been seeing her for two weeks now and Saturday she told us that She gained a testimony of the book of Mormon and she knows that the church is true. She came with her kids yesterday and loved it! She has a baptismal date for the 17th! Its so amazing how the gospel truly changes lives. Elder Dawson and I are continuing to work hard together! Pray for us that we may have much success! Thank you all! Take care!

Elder Jon Lewis

Monday, June 20, 2016

Hola family and friends! This week was a great week for elder Dawson and I. We were able to get a lot done and to also be able to see a lot of people! The sad part about the week is that It could have been so much better than it was. So first off I would like to say congrats to all the Cleveland fans out there. Man I may not have been able to watch this series but I heard so many people talk about it lol.
One of the bright spots of the week was that we were able to see a family that we have been teaching named the semions. They are so freaking close to baptism! Their kids love elder Dawson and I to death. Every time we come over they are always jumping and climbing on us and telling us to sit down lol. They would have been baptized last transfer but their father, Jacsen, was having trouble with getting work off on Sundays. He has been praying and fasting so that he and his family can be baptized and he was able to get off Sundays for one of his jobs. We had a really powerful lesson with him and his family last night. Amongst other news this weekend was also kinda bitter sweet as well. President brown came to Nassau and we had our last interviews with him as our mission president. There was something that he said to me that really stood out. He said, "elder If you never remember anything about me or even speak to me again its okay. I would love to keep in contact, but I want you to KNOW that I have a testimony of our savior Jesus Christ." He also said many other things but the spirit was so strong in that room. I admit, I cried a little lol, but President Brown is such an exceptional man and I will never forgeto all the good he has done for the people here and for me as well. Sorry for not providing many pictures this week yall. I will do better next week. I promise! Love you all and take care!

Elder Jon Lewis

Monday, June 13, 2016

Hey everybody! Another week has passed here in beautiful Nassau! This week like almost all of them was a tough one, but ended on a very sweet note. yesterday the other elders had a baptism. It was so awesome. His name was randy and he is so converted to the gospel. It was the first baptism that I have had a chance to witness since I have been back and I must admit I felt the spirit so strongly in there. As I watched brother mackey immerse in the font all I could do was smile. It really made me think of the 4 investigators that we have who are a step away from baptism. One family that we are teaching had three people in it who can get baptized. They read the Book of Mormon as a family every day almost and they live very good lives with obeying the commandments.
The only problem has been that the father has had troubles with getting Sunday's off. So cool thing. He was supposed to work yesterday but it rained and his job got cancelled! He and his whole family were able to make it to church! Last night we taught them about fasting and invited him to fast about getting Sunday's off while he talks to his boss! It was such an awesome way to end the week! The rest of the week was interesting lol. We had a lot of lessons fall through witch is highly unusual since I have been in this area. Oh and we also had someone break into the church this week. Right before I came they installed security cameras because for some reason people like to break into the church lol. This guy on the video busted out a window and somehow crawled in between the grills. He had to have been a really skinny person cause i definitely would have never fit through that. He went in through the chapel, but the thing is there is a bolt lock on those doors and no handles. He was stuck in there for like 40 minutes trying to get out. Eventually he got it open with a crow bar. Afterwards he just wandered around in the church for another hour. Idk why people want to break into the church. There is absolutely nothing to steal in there lol. Well since he broke in he decided that he would take something still, so he just took all of our cleaning supplies. Other than that our week has been pretty uneventful haha. Just taking things one day at a time and slowly improving! I hope that you all have a great week! Take care until next time!

Elder Jon Lewis

Monday, June 6, 2016

Hello everybody!  Man this week was so good for us here in Nassau. I'm proud to announce that we have another solid investigator who has a baptismal date! Her name is germani and she's from Haiti. She speaks very little English, so we have been teaching her with a translator. Teaching with a translator can be somewhat difficult at times lol, but I'm so thankful for the members who come with us almost everyday to teach the people here in Nassau. We also went to a funeral this week. On of our investigators fathers passed away a few weeks ago and the day before we went over to see his father and gave him a blessing. At the funeral Jeffery was talking about how he had some people come over to visit his dad. He especially thanked us for being there and checking up on he and his wife to see how they were doing. I felt really good when he did that. After the funeral he came up and hugged both of us and thanked us. Regardless if he and his wife gets baptized or not I'm so thankful for the opportunity that my father in heaven has given me to be here. To connect and love the people here in this mission. These two years will be something I'll never forget. This week we also had a cookout at the church. It was really fun and a lot of the youth came out to play basketball. We played two games. We won the first and barely lost the second. I did so bad in the second game lol. It was so bad that I refuse to provide you with my stats lol. But I am glad to let you all know that I did not get dunked on lol. This week elder Dawson and I also spent a lot of time listening to the lectures of Truman G Madsen and Dr. Skousen. We have learned a lot this week lol. There are so many things from church history that I never knew before this week. It's amazing lol. Oh and I need a favor from one of my sports fanatics from the outside world. Can someone send me a recap of the nfl draft?! I wanna know who went where lol. This week was really good and I hope that all of you have a good week as well. Love you all and take care!