Monday, August 29, 2016

Hey everybody!!! This week has most certainly been a crazy and exciting one for Elder Evans and myself. On Tuesday Elder Stever finally left our house and went to ochi haha. And I say finally because I was sleeping on a 3 inch foam pad on the floor lol. That didn't feel to good! Elder Evans and I have been pretty busy this past week. As you know I have just arrived to this area and there aren't a whole lot of people to teach. We have been talking to everybody we come into contact with. Its kinda  interesting being back in Jamaica again. I have really missed the people here. We have had a lot of great spiritual conversations this week as well as a lot of crazy ones haha. Just last night we were walking down the street and we saw this man. I said hello to him but he didnt respond. As we walked by he mumbled that he didnt like us. I was just curious and asked him why. He just told us that he hopes Isis comes to Jamaica and messes us up. I just said, "alright man take care and god speed." He was holding a really big machete by the way lol. We also had an experience as we were traveling here to the library. We were riding and some one was calling out to us. They kept shouting elders! We rode over there and It was one of the less active members of the ward. She told us she was in a lot of pain and wanted a blessing. We didnt have any place to give it behind closed doors... She did not care at all. She just told us to follow here and she took us into a random persons yard. Elder Evans and I were like uhh this is sketchy lol. She found a chair and told us to give her one. She was so thankful of it and bore her testimony that she knew the church was true and that god would help her. Although she is less active I really admire the faith she showed. She knew the power of the holy priesthood and that really stood out to me. I just hope that you all can remember how powerful it is. How it has been restored to help us all to come closer to our heavenly father. I love you all so much and I cant wait to hear from you all again next week! Take care yall!

With love,

Elder Lewis

Monday, August 22, 2016

Hello everyone! I hope that you are all ready for the crazy week I will tell you about. Well as most of you know I got emergency transferred to Free port, Bahamas. It was really different being there lol. It just seems that lately there have been so many surprises popping up in the mission lol. Well elder Dawson and I got a call Friday telling us that we need to pack our bags... Yep they flew us back to Nassau! Afterwards they told me that I was going back to Jamaica the next day! So yeah Im back in Jamaica now lol and I am serving in the Spanish town ward. My new companion is Elder Evans. Hes from west jordan, Utah. He seems really cool. his personality reminds me of elder martin a lot, so I feel that we will work along great! It was so good to be reunited with my bike again! I have missed it so much lol. So from the few days that I have been here I feel like I will like this area a lot. It reminds me a lot of my second area, May Pen. Im just so happy to be back in Jamaica though. The mosquitoes are eating me alive and its hot as heck, but I dont mind at all. Oh and on a sad note. I accidentally left my camera in free port so I wont have my own personal camera for a few weeks. Ill have to wait for president Pearson to bring it back for me in about a month. Ill still use my companions though. Other than that things have been pretty great so far! I just ask all of you to keep us, the missionaries, in your prayers daily. We need them and we can really feel the love and support from back home! I love you all and take care!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Hello everyone out there! I'm happy to be able to report another week of hard work to you all from Bahamaland! As I talked about a little last week. Elder Dawson and I got emergency transferred together to another Island here in the Bahamas. We have been in a Add to dictionary for about the last week with a missionary named elder Gardner. Elder Gardner is way cool, but unfortunately for him it is his last week. We actually have to get up pretty early tomorrow to drive him to the airport. This week has been kinda crazy haha. To start off we have a car here in Freeport, so that's always good lol. We also have central air conditioning in our house with three couches!!! It does not get much better than that people. We have spent most of this week just riding around and getting to know the members basically. A few months ago I talked about how it was really hard to learn the roads of Nassau. Well I can tell you this right now that it will take probably longer to learn the roads here lol. We were lucky enough to have a week with elder Gardner, but he will soon be gone so this next week we will probably get lost a whole lot. This place is also really quiet lol. There are about 60 thousand people here in grand Bahama and there are over 300 thousand in Nassau. Also this island is like four times the size of Nassau. We have been doing a lot of door knocking which I kind of don't like lol. We never had to do any in Nassau or in Jamaica. So yeah it has been a really good growing experience. Nothing too much happened this week though. I really like the branch president here in Freeport. His name is president brown he's way cool. He's was born in Acworth, Georgia but grew up in Utah. He lived in Georgia in the Augusta area recently too. He works for some big agriculture company, but their family is way cool! We get transfer calls this week so who knows I may be on the move again soon! That's really all for this week, but next week will be much more exciting. I promise! yall take care now!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Well hello family and friends! This week has truly been full of surprises! This weeks letter wont be very long and I will explain why. On Friday Elder Dawson and I received a call that we would be moved from Nassau and Sent to Free port, Bahamas We are actually getting ready to leave in a few hours. They have been having visa problems with trying to get other missionaries there. We are the only two who can move so we are being emergency transferred. It kinda sucks haha. Its my second ET but at least this time I had a few days in advance to prepare for it. We have spent the majority of the end of this past week packing and saying goodbye to all of the wonderful people here on this Island. Im not sure how long I will be there. I dont think It would be for long. We had interviews with president Pearson this week and he told me that he had a very special assignment waiting for me in Jamaica for when I got back. He said that it was something that was right up my alley lol. Im kinda excited to see whats in store! That's pretty much all I have time for this week! I promise to give yall a better letter next week!!! Love you all and take care!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hello everybody! this week was very exciting for elder Dawson and I. First and foremost we had a baptism this week! Jasper had a heck of a time at his service! It was so awesome to see someone who you have been working so hard with make the decision to get baptized! While preparing for jaspers baptism we invited a few of our investigators to come to his service. One of them was germany. She was supposed to be baptised about a month ago. When we told her about it she had like a serious look on her face and she says to us, " Next week Sunday I want to get baptized." Elder Dawson and I looked at each other like what?! So yeah we will be having another baptism this week. Upon further news still no car yet. Hopefully we can get repairs started this week. It has been really interesting taking the bus these last few weeks haha. We have seen some of the most funniest things. Yesterday we were on the way to teach a lesson at a members house and our bus driver was insane! He was hoping into every lane trying to overtake people. We sat all the way in the back of the bus. He hit a pot hole so hard that it popped us about a foot in the air. Elder Dawson was sleeping at the time so it was a pleasant surprise for him. We have really seen how the lord has blessed us for our willingness to work even though we do not have a car. We have met a lot of people we are excited to begin teaching in this coming week. I just continue to pray that all of you are having fun and being safe wherever you are. Always remember that we have a loving father in heaven who cares so much for us his children! Yall take care and see you next week!