Monday, September 26, 2016

Yo yo yo! How are things going where ever you may be everybody!? I hope things are great. Ill start off by saying that this week was a pretty tiring one. Elder Evans and I were able to get a lot of things done this week in our area. I know that my Georgia Southern Eagles lost but its okay. As long as we don't lose any conference games haha. We were able to pick up a few new investigators this week. One of them is an 11 year old girl named Hillary. She is the daughter of one of my favorite members here, brother Miller. She just moved from her mothers house to his and she is pretty cool. She is a really feisty person, but loves it when elder Evans and I come over to teach her with her father. We also have been teaching this guy who turned out to be really crazy lol. His name is O'dane. We have been helping him to read and stuff but this week he just turned really creepy haha. He just randomly pops up at the church sometimes and waits for us. He isn't really interested in us teaching him, but he wants us to come join his church lol. He is very persistent too! He would make a really good missionary if we could convert him lol. This week was also a lot of fun. Today we had a combined zone pday and it was pretty darn awesome! We played capture the flag at this old abandoned fort in Kingston. It was hot as heck out there and there was a bunch of loose gravel so we were all slipping lol but it was really fun. This week we have transfer calls coming up! Im really excited because Im pretty sure that I will be training a new missionary. I just guess we will have to wait and see lol. I hope you all have a great week and take care!!

With love,
Elder Lewis

Monday, September 19, 2016

Hello to all of my family and friends!!! This week was a way better week for Elder Evans and I than last week was. I'd like to start off by once again congratulating my Georgia Southern Eagles on another win! Keep tearing it up out there guys! This week we were able to pick up three new investigators. Its about time lol. We have been contacting people like crazy and have not been having much success, but this past week really paid off. I think that the highlight of my week  was that I went on a trade off with our district leader elder Porter. He came in the same group as the missionary I trained, Elder Boyer. He is a very very humble individual. Over these past few weeks we have grown pretty close together even though he is not my companion lol. We had a lot of fun during our day together. We met a lot of cool and crazy people lol. Another highlight of the week is when Elder Evans and I came home for lunch on Thursday. I always like to mess with him and poke fun so I told him I was going to take a nap and I needed him to tuck me in. I laughed about it for a second and then he actually came in and grabbed the blanket and tucked me in haha. Elder Evans Is hilarious to be around and I know as we work together and see success things will be better! I hope that you all will have a great week! Take care and be safe!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hello and good day everyone! I hope that you all enjoyed your holiday last week! I want to start off by congradulating my Georgia Southern Eagles for another win this week! #Hailsouthern!  I also heard the news about BYU on Sunday morning. To all of you Utah fans. You got lucky again. We will get you next year. This week has really been something else lol. Most of the week I felt like I was playing tug of war with elder Evans. As I mentioned last week he has kinda been struggling. There are days where he has had no motivation to work at all. It has been really frustrating for me at times to be with him. He is a wonderful person though. We had most of our appointments fall through on Thursday. When stuff like that happens its never fun lol. We got to talking about the work and we finally figured it out. I had been praying that whole week as to what to do to be able to help him with his situation. I felt like I just needed to stop trying to make him do things and be an example. As we were talking that day he said to me I dont want to argue anymore. Just do some work and it should help. So I shut up and went to work. Ever since that day things have been going really well. We talked to a lot of people this past week who we are excited about. I know that as we keep working we will have much success. The lesson that I learned from this experience is that our examples that we set for people is much more powerful than our words can ever be. It is through things like that, that we can motivate others to make a change for good! I love you all so dearly and cant wait to hear from you next week!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Hello my wonderful friends and family! How are each of you doing? I hope that you are all doing wonderful today. This week proved to be exciting and equally challenging for Elder Evans and I here in Spanish Town. This week we spent majority of the week just street contacting. As missionaries you typically don't like to do that lol, but it is totally necessary. Sometimes it can become really discouraging as well. This week we had our zone conference and in attendance was the area president, Elder Walter F. Gonzalez. I  like elder Gonzalez lol. He was hilarious. I walked away with a lot of good things from that meeting. One thing that he encouraged us to do was to develop what he calls the Christ-like attribute of boldness. He gave really good reasons for it and challenged us to do all that we can to help the people here. I must say I felt very motivated to go out and try harder each and every day. This week was also interesting in other ways as well. My companion has kinda been struggling recently on being motivated in the work. When we have good days teaching its been really great, but on days when things kinda fall through not so much. Sometimes its kinda hard when things are like that. I am generally always happy and emphatic, but a few times this week I have found myself losing patience a little. The only thing that I know can help is seeking the lord in prayer as to what I can do. I know that as I seek his guidance that things will work out. I in turn also encourage each of you to spend time on your knees in prayer to our heavenly father. In whatever decision you have to make or what ever problem is going on seek him and he will guide you. I love you all and have a wonderful week!