Monday, February 27, 2017

 Elder harrah and I
 We made pancakes for dinner
A really cool donky cart! 

Me wearing brother millers helmet lol
abby playing Violin & Emmas Baptism!
Hello everyone! I hope that the week has been good to you all. We had some interesting experiences here this week haha. This week we were able to do another trade off. This time I left my area and went into another area with a young missionary named elder harrah. Elder harrah is a really cool guy. He's just full of energy and is always smiling. He just makes me happy being around him. He is a huge football fan an he actually signed to play quarterback for SUU when he gets back. He has a cannon lol. We played catch in the morning for exercise and he was throwing so hard that I didn't like catching his passes haha. We had some really powerful lessons. There was one in particular where we were teaching a young man named Delano. We talked about the scripture Helaman 5:12 and how we need to build our foundation on Christ. He had some things going on in his life that I could really relate to and it was cool to see how feeling the spirit made him happy. We invited him to pray about a baptismal date at the end of the lesson. As he prayed I felt the spirit and he did too. He got an answer right there in front of us! It was awesome! Later in the week we also had zone conference. It was really great to see some missionaries that I haven't seen in a long while! We talked about a number of topics but the one that stood out to me was that our teaching should be so natural that it feels like a conversation. I totally agree with it. It just really needs to be since and according to their needs. At the end of zone meeting elder senior, who I served with in Nassau, stood up and invited the people who were going home soon to bear their testimony. I totally forgot that we did that and when they called my name I was caught off guard. I had a few minutes to kinda put my thoughts together before I went up. I shared how much I had learned and grown since I made the decision to serve. I've gained a stronger testimony and found precious truths. I've seen gods hands work many miracles for those who obey him. I've witnessed people literally change who they are through the gospel. I'm very thankful for these experiences and I'll never for get them. Luckily I still have another 6 weeks to do some more damage lol. To end on a crazy note I want to tell you all about a potentially hazardous experience we almost had on Saturday. We went to go see an investigator names Ricky who is doing really well. He owns a Fruit stand on the main road in Spanish town. He also sells fried fish, breadfruit, akee and things like that. We were in the middle of a discussion while he was frying and all of a sudden we hear this woosh noise and feel a heat wave. There were flames all over the burner stove. I looked and saw that the tube from the cylinder slipped off and I was like I gotta get outta here haha. My companion was just oblivious to the situation and I'm like elder Elliott move! I ran out so fast lol. If Rick hadn't of shut it off in time there would have been a really big explosion. We all made it out safe and sound so that's good lol. Well I hope that you all have a great week! Remember, "when Jesus say yes, nobody can say no!"

If you are wondering what I mean by that go to YouTube and look it up haha it's awesome!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Well, well, well.... Another week has passed everyone, and it's been bonkers lol. This week was full of stress, surprises and small victories. Last week Monday was good as usual. We just all hung out together as a district again. Tuesday we had district meeting and it was our new district leaders first time teaching. His name is elder hatch and he is one of the most awesome people I have ever met. He's from Orange County California, but I just call him the OG from the OC. I brought to his attention on Monday that we needed a baptismal interview for one of our investigators. He then asked me to find out what time and call him back. I called our investigator, Gordon, who is a really busy person and he told us for that week it would have to be done early in the morning. When he initially said it I was maybe thinking like 8 o'clock or something. You guys have no idea what my face looked like when he told us the time we needed to come. He told us to come at 5am... I don't know if you guys know but that's wicked early! Nevertheless we set it up and at 4:15 in the morning elder hatch and I woke up to go do the interview lol. After the interview was over we began to ride home. Now if you remember Tuesday was Valentine's Day and this is early Wednesday morning. We got to one road that we needed to go down and as we turn we see like 80 people just in the streets with their cameras out! Apparently there was some huge party going on and to add to it one of the buildings was on fire! Me and elder hatch were like what the heck is going on?! At this point it's like 5:10 and we then heard someone call out to us. It was one of the members of the ward and she asked us why we were out so early lol. I said to her I could ask you the same thing haha. We then proceeded to bike off and all of a sudden I look down at my leg and see that somebody had thrown cake on me lol. So yeah this week was pretty exciting  haha. I was really excited to finally be having a baptism in this area. Not just one but two! On Saturday we had one for Kayla, but the person who was supposed to baptize her wasn't able to make it so I ended up doing it at the last minute lol. As we were entering the font I somehow got distracted and almost slipped! Lucky nobody was paying attention so only the two witnesses saw lol. on Sunday we had Gordon's baptism and it was lit! We had about 40 people come to it and as it went on the spirit was so strong! I was so happy for him! He will receive the priesthood next week and will be able to baptize his girlfriend in the coming weeks! If I am completely honest with you all I'll tell you that missionary work is super challenging. I've had some really difficult times and lots of disappointments. I've learned not to let those things effect me. I know that as we keep on keeping on the lord will bless us. It's weeks like this that makes it all worth it. I bare witness that Jesus Christ is truly the son of God. I know that through him we can be victorious over all things! I love you all dearly and I can't wait to talk to you all next week! Take care!

Nuff respect,
Elder Jon Lewis

Monday, February 13, 2017

Only one picture this week guys! Sorry!
Hello everybody! This week was really hot lol. We sweated to death everyday this week with the exception of Sunday, and that was just because it rained lol. There were a lot of great things that took place this week. We spent most of Monday and Tuesday proselytizing with elder porter and elder eulette. We were with them because we took over their area. As you guys know our area was already huge and now it's double the size lol. What really made things difficult this week was that I didn't have a bicycle for most of it cause mine got stolen last week. So basically we did a whole lot of walking lol. It gave us a wonderful opportunity to talk to a lot of people though. This coming week we have 3 baptisms scheduled. Two on Saturday and one on Sunday. I'm really excited for these people. I have seen them change as we have been working with them. On a funny note I had an interesting experience lol. Wednesday night I was taking a shower and as I was drying off something like falls from the ceiling and hits me. It then dell into the tub. I looked down and saw the biggest cockroach I've ever seen in my life! I then just blurted out, "are you kidding me!?" My companion was like what's going on? I come out in a towel and he looks in and just starts dying lol. I'm not scared of bugs at all but it was just that I was naked and wet lol. Idk how to explain it but I just felt vulnerable haha. Another funny thing that happened this week actually took place yesterday at church. I was talking to another missionary when this little girl comes up to me and asks if i am the missionary who is afraid of tickles. I then replied, "who told you that?!" For those of you who don't know I'm am insanely ticklish. My body just shuts down when somebody tickles me. A couple of elders found that out a few weeks ago and have been trying to tickle me randomly haha. After the little girl asked the question I then walked down to the very end of the hall to talk to someone. Next thing I know there are four kids that roll up on me saying "let's tickle him!" They then proceeded to lay hands upon me and I could do nothing about it cause I was stuck In a corner. Luckily soon after another missionary came to my rescue and allowed me to escape with minor injuries haha. I love kids, they're just so crazy and funny haha. I hope that all is well for everyone back home and abroad. I pray for you all continually that you will be safe and protected from the dangers of the world. Always remember the savior, he will be with you through ANYTHING. I love you all and have a great week!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Hello my family and friends! I hope this week has been a good one for you all. This week has certainly been a trying one for us, but nevertheless we are still trucking along. This past week I had the opportunity to go on a trade off with the zone leaders. I went with a missionary named elder gibbons. He is such a great young missionary. We just went out taught a lot of people and had a lot of fun. I have really enjoyed getting to know and being around him these past 6 months. I also went on a trade off with another missionary in the district named elder porter. He is way cool too. We had a really good day together even though it was really rainy lol. Things were perry great until the end of the night lol. As many of you know I have loved my bicycle dearly since I have been on my mission. We have seen a lot of adventures together lol. Well we went and taught our last lesson for the night. We parked our bikes in the back of this yard and locked the gate. When we came back out 20 minutes later my baby was gone. So yeah I'm without a bike now and I'm not gonna buy another one cause I'm coming home in two months haha. I was really angry and upset at first, but hey I'd rather have them take my bike than my life. It just goes to show as well that earthly possessions mean nothing. You cannot take them with you when you die, so even though I miss it badly I'm still alright. We got transfer calls this week and I found out that i will be staying in Spanish town for a 5th transfer. This upcoming transfer is my last full one so I will probably finish my mission here lol. As many of you know my companion has really been struggling with a lot of things and has been thinking of going home. This week he met with president and decided that he wanted to stay. You guys have no clue how happy I was! After the meeting we had the opportunity to go out teaching with president and it went really well even though I was mad nervous lol. This week was challenging for me in a lot of ways, so I asked elder Elliott for a blessing. It was one of the most powerful blessings I have ever received. I know that the words which were spoken came from our Heavenly Father and I am so thankful for his advice. Other than that not too much is going on. We just got our are doubled in size so it will be fun to walk that lol. I'll probably look like a tooth pick by the time I go home. We have a few baptisms scheduled in the coming weeks so we are excited about that too! I hope that things are going well for you all back home. I love and miss you all dearly. Before I conclude I would like to share a scripture that I came across this week. It's in St. John 15: 13-15. It states.

13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

14 Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.

15 Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.

I love these verses here. I think it just plainly and simply describes how our relationship with the savior should be. I love him and I know he lives. I know he loves me and I have felt it many times. He is my friend and I will always strive to be a friend to him as well, and I invite you all to do the same. I hope you all have a wonderful week! Take care!

Nuff respect,

Elder Jon Lewis