Monday, March 27, 2017

 Brandys Baptism!
 The View from the AP's House in Kingston
Brother Nembhard with my glasses
Hello everyone! Another week is in the books and I'm ready for this upcoming one as well. We finally had another baptism which was awesome! On Monday I didn't really get to have a pday lol. I spent practically all day in the going home meeting. It was really good but was really weird at the same time. After the meeting was over we went to Burger King and go some shakes and went to yallahs to drop off elder Galbraith. I was able to see elder Boyer, who I trained, as well as his trainee elder call. As you guys know from this past week elder call is my new companion, so it was really great to see him. On Tuesday I had to take care of a few pday things since I was gone all day on Monday. This past week we have been able to go out and do a bunch of teaching with a young member named D'jon. He is way cool and I'm really excited for him as he prepares to go and serve a mission. He practically came out with us for five straight days from about midday till 6. It's been a great blessing in helping us cover all of our appointments. On Thursday we went into town to help the brand new missionary in our district. his name is elder Peterson and he's from Provo. He's a pretty big kid too. I think he said he was 6"5. We helped him find a nice bicycle and then we all ate Sakura together. On Friday we had our combined ward activity as usual and it was lit lol. We have been having a ton of non members show up which has created opportunities for us to share the gospel. We spent a good bit of Saturday getting things ready for the baptism. From tracking down baptismal suits to making programs. You name it we practically did it. We had brandys baptism on Sunday morning and the spirit was so strong in the service. I always just feel a rush when I see baptisms happen. The spirit always confirms to me that this is a choice that God is always well pleased with. The rest of Sunday was pretty much a blur lol. I was in pain for most of the day. I woke up that morning and was having stomach issues. Needless to say I spent a lot of time running to and from the restroom. Overall this week has been really good. I can't complain about anything at all. Just really enjoy these last few I have left as a full time missionary. I do know that Christ lives, and that he is our savior. I only know this because I have received this witness from the Holy Ghost. Because of that witness I have progressed to where I am today. I know I have a lot more to get better at as this journey continues. I pray that Heavenly Father will guide and protect you all. Love you guys and see you really soon!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Hello my family and friends! This week was really great here in Spanishtown! This week we got transfer calls and guess what?! I'm staying another transfer here lol. So yeah this will be my 6th and by the time I go home I will have been here for about 9 months lol. I'm perfectly fine with it though. We have some good people we are working with. Since I won't be here for all of next transfer we are getting another companion. We are getting a missionary named elder call! He is from rigby Idaho! I actually trained his trainer, elder Boyer, and so technically that makes me his grandpa lol. I'm really excited to have him here with us. This past week we had another powerful district meeting. At the conclusion we started a fast together as a district. If you have been keeping up with my letters you will remember that we set a baptismal goal as a district. One of our investigators, Brandi, has been wanting to be baptized the last transfer but couldn't because her mom wouldn't give her permission. We talked to her mom about it one time and she seemed like her mind was pretty made up about the situation. We have been asking the other family members  who are members of the church to put in a good word about her baptism. During Wednesday night we decided to go over to talk to her mom again. When we got there we learned that her mom wasn't there. The last two weeks we had been encouraging brandi to speak to her mother herself. We asked if she had talked to her and she said no. We stood there for a second and asked if she really wanted to be baptized. She said yes of course and then I told her that the only way it was going to happen was that she asked her mom herself. I then had the idea to do a role play. So I pretend to be her mom lol. We gave her some tips and helped build her confidence. We came back the next night and we saw that her mom was home. We stopped and talked for a second about what we would say. I was really nervous lol but I was gonna show my faith that it would work out. I then knocked on the door and Brandi came out. I asked if she had talked to her mom and she said yes! I then asked what was her answer and she just nodded her head yes! I then asked her are you sure and she was like yeah! We the. Went in and talked to her mom and it was great. Her mom was actually really excited about the baptism and asked if we could have it next Sunday so she could come. On Saturday we played basketball with the other elders in our ward. It's been like 8 months since I last shot a basketball and boy was I rusty. We had a lot of fun though. We played with some youth from the ward and we demolished them lol. What made it so funny was that they had been talking trash for weeks lol. I'm thankful that so many things have been going our way these last few months. I know that all of this is because of Heavenly Father. Without home things like this would never be possible. To conclude my letter I want to leave you all with a quote from a scripture.
It comes from Romans 8:31.

If God be for us, who can be against us?

Like I said earlier all things are possible through our father in heaven and our savior Jesus Christ. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Monday, March 13, 2017

 A dog feeding 5 puppies
 My school schedule
 I found my stolen Bike!
An effective way to use a Ludi board!
Hello everyone! Another week has passed! Time doesn't seem to be slowing down at all. This week was pretty normal for the most part lol. We had another powerful district meeting. I talked about last week how we set some baptismal goals as a district. We had two more as a district this past week and within this week we are hoping to have another two ourselves. On Thursday we had a training on family history from sister medley. I'll admit I have never really been too interested in family history, but I had the chance to look for some of my ancestors and it was pretty fun. I think its something that I want to get more involved with when I get back. Friday was a pretty wild day though lol. We woke up at 5:30 because I thought registration was at 6am our time but it was actually (MDT). So yeah we just kinda chilled at the church for a couple of hours until it opened up. When the time came it's was crazy lol. Some of the classes I wanted I couldn't get into because the filled up so fast. I had been researching different professors that I wanted to take and had to change the whole game plan lol. I ended up finishing with 15 credits but I feel really good about the schedule I got. I'll be done with school everyday by 11:15 am so that's nice. Afterwards we went and did service for the stake presidents mom. I call her mama lue! She's hilarious lol. She had us do a little painting, but boy it was hot as heck lol. After that we planned, went teaching and then had Friday night activity. It was really fun too. We played a pretty heated volleyball game. I just really love activities that bring people together. Togetherness is one of the things the savior spoke of often. So I don't know if you guys remember, but I got my bike stolen like a month ago. I told people that because it was so unique if I ever saw it I could never mistake it. Well I actually found it this week! I walked up to a group of people and asked whose bike is this. Immediately a few people were suspicious and acting all nervous. One guy was trying to give me the run around but I just tuned him out. I had said that if I found it that I was gonna get it back. I was about to take it and walk off with it but then I really felt that I should leave it. After we left I thought about it and honestly that was probably the smartest thing that I could have done. If I had tried to take it and someone would have tried to come and take it from me it probably would have resulted in a fight. As many of you know I am not one to back down from a challenge lol. And also people like that are really cowardly and like to stab people, which happens a lot here. So yeah I don't need to cause any issues or get stabbed before i go home lol. I'm thankful that I have had the opportunity to grow so much out here. I've learned a lot of things. The biggest thing I have probably learned is that it doesn't matter what your circumstances are or where you came from. Just take it and make the best of it. I've learned that if you really want to be something or successful in your life you'll do whatever it takes to make it happen. Feeling sorry for yourself and complaining gets you no where. I know first hand that all things are possible if we involve God. I love our father in heaven and I also love the savior. Because of them i am much more that I could have ever anticipated, and I'm not done yet. I love you all and I'll see you in about a month! Take care everyone!

Monday, March 6, 2017

 Getting rid of a wasps nest

 New sunglasses
 Crazy brother nembhart and I
 Chopping yard
 Georgianna striking a pose
 Kimone waving
 Taking a selfie with Makayla
 Our pet goat kevin who lives at the church
The card responsible for ruining countless friendships

Hello family and friends! I hope your week has been good everyone. Just the same old same old here in Spanish town lol. We had another really fun pday playing uno lol. We had the whole district playing last week and it was awesome. This week we had a really powerful district meeting. We talked about how it is gods will for us to baptized as many people we can. We set a goal for a minimum of 6 baptisms for the rest of the transfer but our goal is 14. I know we can do it. We already have the most baptisms as a district this transfer and we have a lot of people who are really close! This week we met with an investigator named shaquana. She is the sister of a member. She comes to church regularly and loves the teachings. We talked to her about baptism and asked what her concerns were. She told us about some of her fears and we were able to ease them through using the scriptures. I felt prompted to extend her a date and she accepted without hesitation.
On Thursday we had interviews with president. Mine was good lol. He just asked how I was doing and a little bit about my plans for home. I told him I was a little stressed cause I have a ton to do before and after I get back. On Friday we had our weekly activity for both wards. As you could imagine we played a ton of fun games including uno lol. This past Sunday was pretty awesome! Bishop taught an awesome lesson and there were about 25 people in there! We had 6 investigators come to church which was awesome as well. Other than that not too much went on this week. I hope that things are well for you all back home! Love you guys and talk to you next week!