Monday, March 27, 2017

Hello everyone! Another week is in the books and I'm ready for this upcoming one as well. We finally had another baptism which was awesome! On Monday I didn't really get to have a pday lol. I spent practically all day in the going home meeting. It was really good but was really weird at the same time. After the meeting was over we went to Burger King and go some shakes and went to yallahs to drop off elder Galbraith. I was able to see elder Boyer, who I trained, as well as his trainee elder call. As you guys know from this past week elder call is my new companion, so it was really great to see him. On Tuesday I had to take care of a few pday things since I was gone all day on Monday. This past week we have been able to go out and do a bunch of teaching with a young member named D'jon. He is way cool and I'm really excited for him as he prepares to go and serve a mission. He practically came out with us for five straight days from about midday till 6. It's been a great blessing in helping us cover all of our appointments. On Thursday we went into town to help the brand new missionary in our district. his name is elder Peterson and he's from Provo. He's a pretty big kid too. I think he said he was 6"5. We helped him find a nice bicycle and then we all ate Sakura together. On Friday we had our combined ward activity as usual and it was lit lol. We have been having a ton of non members show up which has created opportunities for us to share the gospel. We spent a good bit of Saturday getting things ready for the baptism. From tracking down baptismal suits to making programs. You name it we practically did it. We had brandys baptism on Sunday morning and the spirit was so strong in the service. I always just feel a rush when I see baptisms happen. The spirit always confirms to me that this is a choice that God is always well pleased with. The rest of Sunday was pretty much a blur lol. I was in pain for most of the day. I woke up that morning and was having stomach issues. Needless to say I spent a lot of time running to and from the restroom. Overall this week has been really good. I can't complain about anything at all. Just really enjoy these last few I have left as a full time missionary. I do know that Christ lives, and that he is our savior. I only know this because I have received this witness from the Holy Ghost. Because of that witness I have progressed to where I am today. I know I have a lot more to get better at as this journey continues. I pray that Heavenly Father will guide and protect you all. Love you guys and see you really soon!

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  1. Excited that you get to come home soon! I just wish that you could spend more than a week home :( haha. Good job, Elder, we'll see you soon,